Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) Connecticut State Treasurer

An Important Message from CHET’s Program Manager, TFI


A Word About Recent Fraudulent Activity

Recently, a small number of accounts in the CHET program were fraudulently accessed. We have contacted all impacted account owners to assure them that they will not suffer any financial loss as a result of this incident. If you have not been contacted, then your account has not been impacted. TFI’s (CHET’s Program Manager) ongoing investigation and preliminary analysis has found no indication that the personal information used in these recent events was sourced or taken from TFI or CHET’s website, which is managed by TFI.

Our account owners’ privacy and the security of their data are critically important and we recognize that an incident like this can be disconcerting. TFI takes customer security very seriously, and consistently reviews and updates security protocols to protect and ensure the confidentiality of customer data.

As an additional measure for CHET customers, it is good practice to set up online access to your accounts with security questions, and regularly review your accounts for any unauthorized or suspicious activity.