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The CHET Parenting Tips A-Z

The CHET “Parenting Tips A-Z”

How many times have you heard parents say “I wish my child came with an instruction manual?” Well, CHET wanted to help out, so we’ve collaborated with the Connecticut Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to put together tips and advice from A to Z and everything in between!

The “Parenting Tips A-Z” booklet contains trusted bits of wisdom along with new research and recommendations for families with young children.

Parents will learn secrets to childproofing the home to avoid accidents, car seat safety tips and potty training how-to’s. CHET has also provided information for new parents about how to best prepare for their little one’s future education expenses.

In addition, CHET can also help parents navigate the often confusing waters of figuring out how to save towards future college costs. CHET has representatives available to discuss your questions. You can schedule an in-person or one-on-one phone conversation online or call 877-799-2438.

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