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CHET Baby Scholars

Let CHET help get you started saving for college

Congratulations on your new baby! While you are enjoying this amazing first year of your child’s life, let CHET help get you started saving for college.

The State of Connecticut passed legislation creating the CHET Baby Scholars program to encourage college savings for newborns and newly-adopted children. The CHET Baby Scholars program provides up to $250 toward a newborn’s future college costs. Babies born in Connecticut, who are less than a year old, and adopted children, not later than the first anniversary of the adoption, are eligible for a CHET Baby Scholars grant in the amount of $100. The grant is given as a contribution into the child’s CHET account. Then, if an additional $150 is saved in the account by the time the child is four (or in the case of an adoption, by the fourth anniversary of the adoption), the account may be eligible for a second grant of $150. Read the CHET Baby Scholars information brochure and the Official Rules of the program.

How to sign-up for CHET Baby Scholars

  1. The first step is to open a CHET 529 college savings account for the child before the child’s first birthday or first anniversary of adoption. You open the account, and are the Account Owner, with the new baby or adoptee named as the Beneficiary. There are two ways to open the account:
  2. Next you need to “opt-in” to CHET Baby Scholars. If you open your account via paper application, simply check the box for CHET Baby Scholars on the form. That’s it you are done. If you open your account online, or already have an account established for the child, please opt-in via the online form below.

Receiving your CHET Baby Scholars contributions

Once you open your account and opt-in to CHET Baby Scholars, CHET will automatically deposit the initial $100 into your account. Note that you can use the CHET Baby Scholars contribution to cover the $25 account opening minimum contribution. Also, if you open your account with $150 or more that will trigger the full CHET Baby Scholars grant of $250 ($100 plus the $150 match). The contribution will appear in your account after the end of the quarter in which you signed up. For example if you open your account and opt-in in February, you will see the contribution by the end of April, after the close of that quarter.

Thereafter, for all accounts opted-in to CHET Baby Scholars, a review will occur on a quarterly basis after the initial $100 CHET Baby Scholars funding is deposited. Once at least $150 in additional contributions is received into the account, the additional $150 match will be triggered. Any earnings growth will not be counted toward the $150; the full $150 must be actual contributions. Once the match occurs, you will receive a confirmation statement from CHET showing that the $150 match contribution was made.

CHET Baby Scholars is a program of CHET, the State of Connecticut’s 529, tax advantaged college savings plan.

Parent, Guardian or Grandparent
Parent, Guardian or Grandparent


Please provide your CHET account number which can be found on your new account confirmation or account statement, or you can log into your account above to find your account number.
In addition, please indicate the 4-digit Investment Option. This must be an option that exists in your account, not a new choice. The Option you provide here is where the CHET Baby Scholars contribution will appear. Refer to this chart, or if you do not remember which Investment Option you selected in your account, refer to your account statement (page 2), or log into your account above to find Investment Option number.


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