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CHET Baby Scholars

Celebrate your new baby!
Sep 15, 2015

The state of Connecticut will contribute up to $250 to your baby’s CHET account to help get your child’s college savings off to a good start. Don’t wait, sign Don’t wait, sign up before your child is one!

The State of Connecticut recently passed legislation creating the CHET Baby Scholars program to encourage college savings for newborns and newly-adopted children. The CHET Baby Scholars program provides up to $250 toward a newborn’s future college costs. Babies born in Connecticut, who are less than a year old, and adopted children, not later than the first anniversary of the adoption, are eligible for a CHET Baby Scholars grant in the amount of $100. The grant is given as a contribution into the child’s CHET account. Then, if an additional $150 is saved in the account by the time the child is four (or in the case of an adoption, by the fourth anniversary of the adoption), the account may be eligible for a second grant of $150.

Learn more about CHET Baby Scholars here.

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